Sitemap of www.FixJeeps.com

Fix Jeeps: Repair, mods and fun with a Jeep Wrangler.
Fix Jeeps is a great place to find maintenance, repairs, mods and just plain fun with Jeep Wranglers.

Jeep troubleshooting - Here is how to get the OBD codes, sensors and more.
Jeep troubleshooting shows how to get the diagnostic codes from the ECU and testing the sensors.

OBD codes for the YJ, XJ and other OBD1 jeeps.
OBD codes for the Jeep YJ, XJ and other OBD1 jeeps. Video how to get the codes and the list of the codes.

Jeep repair how to's using various Jeeps for the demonstrations.
Jeep repair articles using various models to demonstrate step by step fixes of different issues.

Tune up for Jeep Wrangler YJ.
Tune up time for the Jeep Wrangler YJ. Here is a step by step DIY tune up for the 4.0.

Custom Jeep is where I demo some modifications and changes I made to my Jeep YJ.
Custom Jeep, cool mods and hacks where I make changes to my Jeep YJ.

Jeep grill modifications to my YJ for neat custom ideas.
Jeep grill ideas that are cheap and easy to do. Check out my YJ for cool custom ideas.

Jeep rims that interchange between different years and models.
Jeep rims gives you a reference between different models and years as to which wheels interchange.

Automotive tool that is homemade or demonstrated or just an honest review.
Automotive tool is the part of my site where I demo or make tools that I use.

Jeep wrangler storage solutions for the do it yourself people.
Jeep wrangler storage is seriously needed. Here are some of my DIY solutions.

Free printable charts, tool box markers and other useful stuff.
Free printable charts such as metric conversion, temp conversion, thread tapping, Jeep fluid capacity and tool markers.

Off roading and other adventures that is best done in a Jeep Wrangler.
Off roading adventures or any special events are best in a topless Jeep Wrangler!

Nashville Fireworks 2014, fun times in the topless Jeep Wrangler
Nashville Fireworks 2014. Top off the Jeep and having a blast in Nashville, TN at the July 4th celebration.

About fix jeeps.
About fix jeeps? Pretty simple, it's where my you can learn about my new/toy. Learn as I do repairs and mods to my little YJ Wrangler.

Just Jeeps - The FixJeeps showcase. Show us what you drive and how its modded.
Just Jeeps is like the readers rides area. Wanna be a show off? Post your Jeep here with stats!

Crank pulley tool for the Chrysler motor. Even a DIY installer.
Crank pulley tool for both installing and removing the harmonic balancer and pulley.

Fluid pump - Made from a discarded peanut butter jar. Works great on your Jeep!!
Fluid pump made from an empty peanut butter jar. Use it to pull the fluids from you Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep spark plug installer helper. Don't throw away those old plug wire boots.
Jeep spark plug installing tool is simply an old plug boot that was re-purposed to help make installing new spark plugs easier.

Magnetic socket extension, an easy DIY that is a time and headache saver.
Magnetic socket extension. Ge a socket/ratchet extension, small strong magnet and some E6000 craft glue to make a handy addition to your tool box.

Jeep mirror light mounts. Mirrors are an issue when the doors are removed.
Jeep mirror light relocation ideas. Here are some ideas.

Jeep posi lok conversion, a cheap DIY mod.
Jeep posi lok conversion to get rid of that unreliable vacuum controlled CAD on the YJ front axle.

15 to 20 gallon tank conversion for the Jeep Wrangler YJ
15 to 20 gallon tank conversion gives extra range between fill gas fill-ups for the Jeep Wrangler YJ.

YJ push button start - Use a momentary switch to start your Jeep.
YJ push button start - Demo how to install a switch to activate the starter of your Jeep Wrangler YJ

Gear shift: Mods and fixes for Jeep shifters
Gear shift: Shifter repair to custom shift knobs for the Jeep Wrangler.

Cheap oil change: Save money by taking care of your Jeep yourself!
Cheap oil change is a walk through of DIY so you can take care of your Jeep Wrangler.

Remove locking gas cap if you have lost or broken your key.
Remove locking gas cap if you have lost or broke your key. Need to remove the cap, here is a quick hack.

Engine swap in a Jeep Wrangler YJ
Engine swap: Here I do an engine swap in a Jeep Wrangler YJ.

Jeep transmission: YJ oil change and specs.
Jeep transmission needs an oil change. Step by step for an AX15 and more

Transfer Case - Maintenance and mods for the Wrangler T-case
Transfer case - Here is where the maintenance and mods for the NP231 in the YJ

Clutch problem with the Jeep Wrangler YJ. Time to swap in a new one.
Clutch problem with the Jeep Wrangler. Here I show how to swap in a new clutch kit into the YJ.

Clutch master cylinder change out in a Jeep Wrangler YJ.
Clutch master cylinder needs changed out after installing a new pressure plate and disk.

Throttle position sensors, detailed step by step how to change.
Throttle position sensors, how to change and test the sensor on your Jeep Wrangler YJ.

Map Sensor, how to test it on the Jeep Wrangler YJ.
Map sensor, how to test this sensor on your Jeep Wrangler to see if it's defective or good.

O2 sensors for the Jeep Wrangler. How to test if they are good or faulty.
O2 sensors for the Jeep Wranger YJ. Bench testing the sensor to see if it's faulty.

Crankshaft position sensor for the Jeep Wrangler. Test and change how to.
Crankshaft position sensor for Jeeps. How to test and change if faulty.

Camshaft position sensor for the Jeep YJ and XJ
camshaft position sensor information for the Jeep Wrangler YJ & Cherokee XJ.

IAT Sensor on the Jeep Wrangler YJs are easy to test and replace.
IAT sensor on Jeeps are easy to test if they are faulty or in good working order. Here is how it's done.

IAT Sensor Printable
IAT Sensor - Printable page

Coolant temperature sensor test and change for the Jeep Wranger.
Coolant temperature sensor - Here is how to test and change CTS for the Jeep 4.0 and 2.5

Coolant temperature sensor - Printable copy
Coolant temperature sensor - Printable copy for the Jeep YJ