Fix Jeeps Mods Review

Fix Jeeps Review - First I wanna start out with this. I realize reviews are based on opinions. Just because John Doe thinks the new latest greatest "doomahinkie" is the best invention since sliced bread does not mean everyone will. Hence the reason I thought adding a "review section" to the site would be a great idea.

I will be reviewing about anything that I feel the information will be beneficial to you. Items such as LED off road lighting and whatever else inspires me. As I create each review, if available, I will add a link to a source that you can aquire the item being reviewed. Soo .. be sure to keep checking back. Thanks y'all!

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Fix Jeeps Mods Review - Lets check out the goods!

Jeep Wrangler Backup Camera Kit

Check out this really cool backup camera kit! Click the picture to go to the page.

Headlight Upgrade Reviews

Nice LED headlight upgrade! Auxbeams F-16 Series LED headlight bulbs. Great natural white color, bright and very easy to install! Click here to learn more ...

Off Road Lighting Reviews

Nice LED bar with Daytime Running light from Auxbeam. Click here to learn more ..

Light canon from Auxbeam - Check out their 52" 5D series. Click here to learn more ...

Fun but functional LED light bar from Auxbeam! Check out the 22" V Series that has business and party all in one light bar!

Auxbeam V-Series LED Light bar