52 inch Auxbeam 5D LED bar - Install and Review

52 inch Auxbeam 5D LED bar - This light bar actually impressed me! It focuses the light from the LEDs in a tight pattern, kinda like an old school spot light. It does have flood lens on the ends which do disperse some light to the sides. But not really a huge amount.


  • 52" Auxbeam 5D series LED bar
  • Aluminum legs to mount the light bar
  • Bolts to attach the legs
  • Bolts to mount the light
  • Wiring harness that includes relay and switch


  • As with most aftermarket LED bars it has the extruded aluminum frame.
  • End caps are cast aluminum.
  • About 14" of wire coming extending from the aluminum frame. No terminals were installed or included.
  • The mounting pedestals are made of a cast aluminum.
  • Hardware is all stainless steel.
  • Wiring harness included relay, fuse and switch.

Quick summary:

  • The light its self felt heave and very solid built.
  • I like the cast aluminum pedestals, although I did not use them in this install
  • Harness worked fine turning the light bar on and off, just felt kinda cheap. The switch attached to the harness has an LED to indicate off or on. That LED lights Green to indicate the LED bar is turned on. Turn the light bar off the LED glows Red. Problem is, with the light bar turned off and the switch LED glowing Red. Even with your ignition key turned off and keys in your pocket, the Red LED is still glowing. Its a drain on the battery, a very minute drain, but a drain none the less. I'll be using a switch pod and relay power distribution module so I will not be using that switch anyway.
  • Did not include any type of connector/s to attach the light bar to the harness.
  • As for the actual LED bar. That thing is a lighting beast! The 5D lens concentrates the light so well that it creates very bright lighting ahead of you. The lens inside the light look cool as heck also!

Overall I'm happy with the LED bar. I'm not going to be using the wiring harness anyway so thats no big deal to me. I feel like you are getting a good deal for the quality and lighting intensity that this 52" LED bar has.