Fix Jeeps is working hard to be the one stop source for Jeep Wrangler mods, fixes and wheeling fun. Best part of owning an old school YJ is that they are as simplistic as they are rugged. They have the simplest fuel injection and ignition system in which I give detail diagnostic information to help you find and repair whats ailing your favorite toy. 

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Hey everyone!! Started a cool new article that coincides with the new YouTube video series. Check out the Fiberglass Repair article and videos!! Click here!!

Fix Jeeps for fun! Don't forget about the saving money part!

Working on your Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee doesn't have to be a scary task. Not only will you save some money, there is huge pride in saying that you did it yourself. That pride is something that no amount of money can buy!

Problems that you may be having:

  • Your Jeep has a rough idle or OBD codes flashing on the check engine light? Check here to see how to trouble shoot those codes without a special tool. Also, what do those codes mean?
  • Jeep turning over but not starting? Could be a crank position sensor. Where is it located?
  • Wanna see how to give it a tune up? Or, change transmission oil in the AX15 5-speed tranny?
  • Front differential not locking in? Jeep Wrangler YJ's are known for this! Here is a cheap and easy DIY Posi-Lok conversion for that defective vacuum CAD.
  • Ever thought of making your own tools or modifying an existing tool to better suit a specific need?
  • Wranglers are known for have very little storage space. Here is a secure under-hood storage option.
  • Broke or lost  key to your locking gas cap? This isn't Jeep specific, it can happen to anyone's ride. Here is a simple fast solution that has saved many people!
  • Need some information? Metric or temperature conversion chart? Free and printable!