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This site is my personal website project. It's a way for me to document and share my experiences in working on Jeeps.

Throughout the site are ads and affiliate links that earn the site monetary compensation for displaying the ads. The compensation earned from these various revenue streams help fund this site and some of the projects that are demonstrated. This helps me provide YOU a great resource in getting information for your Jeep.

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I often promote products I use in my videos here on this site. Does it earn me an income? Sure it does. Mostly it provides you as the visitor of the site a way to have access what I present in my YouTube videos.

The good thing about this is that it costs you not a cent more buying through my links. It cost the same whether you go straight into Amazon or through my site.

I provide the links to my tried and tested products of my videos, you purchase the product already having an idea of what the product is and what it can do, Amazon provides the product. You get a great product, I get a little commision, Amazon gets a sale. It is a win-win-win situation for us all. :-)

Google Ads

Some are Google advertising units where I drop in the code and Google selects what ads to present. I have no control over what Google presents to you in each ad.

How does Google Ads work? It looks at your browsing history as to what you have searched for or looked at. Then it knows what ads to present to you.

I've partnered with as another way to save you money. Do I make an income from it? Yes I do. I get a VERY small affiliate payment for each coupon that you print out. But most importantly, there an Automotive category that may provide discount coupons for oil changes, automotive oil and other possible savings. As an added benefit you can select coupons to save on regular household items and food. So .. hope they become useful for you. Thanks for your support!

My promise to you

If I promote a product on my site. You can rest assure that I like it. I WILL NOT pass a junk product off on my visitors just to make an income. Above all else, I will always be honest on what I promote. Doesn't matter whether it is a good product or a load of junk. I will give you my honest unbiased opinion.

Thank you!

I just want to say thanks for visiting. Have a great day!!