Automotive Tool

Automotive tool demonstrations, reviews or homemade.

Automotive tool is the section of the site where I give reviews, demonstrate tools, tool modifications or something that I just made up that become very useful. If you do enough wrenching on anything not just Jeeps, you will come across a time to where some kind of random tool just needs to be homemade. I do this sometimes because I just don’t want to spend the money to buy it or I can make one that better suites the problem I have at that time. Or, simply out of creative boredom :-).

Homemade Tools

Here is where the imagination either comes in handy .. or .. gets carried away. When that happens ya never know what I might create. Now, also to be totally honest, I will occasionally run into something on the internet and recreate it but with my twist on it.

Modified tools

I wrench on my Wrangler more than any of my other rides. Not because it's always breaking, it's actually become a solid little daily driver. I work on it because I like doing modifications to it to put my signature on it. Tools are no different, but tools are usually modded out of necessity. Here is the beginning of my list of hacks and mods I've done to store bought tools.

Clearanced spark plug socket

I know this doesn't sound right. You just gotta look to see what I'm talking about.

Jeep spark plug install tip

A little piece of rubber hose can help so much

Magnetic socket extension

Take a regular socket extension and add a magnet. Serious frustration saver!

Hitch Pin Wrench Storage

Everyday things you never though to use as tools

There are some things that simply were not created to be uses as an automotive tool. But, once you discover its usefulness, you will totally understand what I'm talking about.

Kids squishy toy

Play dough, Spongy Super Dough make a great tool

Shoe strings as tools?

Yep .. trash the worn out shoes. Keep the strings!

Computer hard drive magnets

Plucking bolts or making dome lights. Very strong useful magnets!

Tool Reviews

Mule tape review

This stuff is super light and crazy strong!

Pilot bearing puller

Here I review "loan-a-tool" pilot bearing pullers. The good and the useless!