Jeep spark plug

Jeep spark plug install tool

Jeep spark plug install tool isn't just a plug socket and extension. When you change the plug wire, pull the straight boots off the wire. In the Jeep engines, the spark plugs are recessed rather deep into the head. Making installing them a bit not as easy as they could be. Now don't get me wrong it can be done without any special tricks or tools, I've done it many times. But, when I shot the YouTube video below the engine was still fairlt hot to the touch. So when I would try starting the new plugs, my finger would bump the valve cover or head and I would really feel the heat just enough to be uncomfortable. So, I pulled an old boot off of a set of junk wires. Solution is found. I could install them without even feeling the heat from the engine.

Find an old set of wires and pull the straight boots off.

Put the new spark plug into the boot to make a easily gripped handle to start the plugs into the threads.

Once the new plug has fully seated to the head the boot will spin.

Then take your socket and extension and finish tightening them.