Jeep YJ Not Getting Fuel

Jeep Wrangler YJ not getting fuel? Well .. luckily these YJ rigs are very simple to work on. Unlike many of the newer cars they aren't full of excessive electronics.

On the fuel injected Jeep Wranglers you have a fuel pump with a pick up screen, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and then the fuel injectors. Of course there are the sensors and fuel pump relay that can shut down fuel, but again they are not hard to figure out.

On the carburetor equipped rigs its even more simple. Well .. kinda. Kinda meaning that as far as parts they are easier. You have a pick up tube and screen in your fuel tank. Fuel lines run up the side of the Jeep until it gets to the fuel filter. Then fuel filter to carburetor. See .. thats simple isn't it! Well .. here is where the other part of the "kinda" comes in. When the carburetor gets worn out it will create havoc until repaired or replaced. They aren't exactly cheap either.

Jeep YJ Fuel Pressure Test

Doing a fuel pressure test can be a great way to diagnose your Jeep YJ not getting fuel. For the fuel injected rigs the pressure port is at the front of the engine on the fuel rail. EASY access means easy test!! Until I get the webpage built for testing fuel pressure on the injected rigs, just click this YouTube Link to see the video. Check out the fuel pressure tester image for current pricing.

If you have an older rig with a carburetor, testing the fuel pressure is still easy. Simply put an adapter in the fuel line just before the carb. Hook up the tester to get your reading.

One easy way to test if your Jeep YJ is not getting fuel is to simply press the schrader valve to see if it bleeds off good pressure. But that isn't always a good indication of having a fuel problem. My 91 YJ bleeds down pressure after a bit. Some say it is because the check valve is missing. It just happens that mine doesn't have that check valve.

Click the Power Addicts thumbnail logo to go check out the video where I demonstrate how to test fuel pressure on my fuel injected 1991 Jeep Wrangler 4.0.

It is a simple procedure that can help you diagnose your fuel issues.

I'll link that image to the webpage once I get it built.

Jeep YJ Fuel Filter

One of the parts that can definitely be part of your Jeep YJ not getting fuel is the fuel filter. Its inline just after the fuel pump so if it gets clogged up you will without a doubt have fuel delivery issues!!

Check out the page where I give you some information on diagnosing and changing that Fuel Filter. Sounds good? Click here.

Jeep YJ Change Fuel Filter

Jeep Wrangler YJ Fuel Gauge Not Working

This isnt exactly "Jeep YJ not getting Fuel" issue. But, it is a making sure you know you got fuel issue.

That fuel gauge can be a pesky rascal! There are several things that can go wrong with that system, bad ground at either under the dash or at the fuel tank, corrosion at the gauge cluster, or even a bad sending unit.

Check out the page where I give you some information on diagnosing and repairing that pesky Fuel Gauge. Sound good? Click here or the image.

Jeep YJ Fuel Pump Access Panel

OK, again this isn't a "Jeep YJ not getting fuel" issue. But if you were having a no fuel issue wouldn't you like to easily access the fuel pump and sending unit to quickly diagnose where the issue lies? Or, if you know you have to do a Jeep wrangler YJ fuel pump replacement, you will want easy access without dropping the fuel tank.

This little mod can mean the difference between an easy fix on the side of the road or .. a real pain in the tail!!

Check out the page where I give you some information on creating the Jeep YJ fuel pump access panel. Sound good? Click here or the image.

Jeep Wrangler YJ Fuel Tank Removal

Welp, if you are needing this link you may be in for some work! Reckon you remove the fuel tank on your Jeep Wrangler YJ. Sometimes those bolts can be really rusty and hard to get out.

Hope your goes smooth! Click here for the video to show ya how its done!

Jeep Wrangler YJ Fuel Tank Removal

I hope these links help you diagnose and repair the issue/s you may be having with your Jeep YJ not getting fuel.