About Fix Jeeps

About Fix Jeeps and I?? Hmmm .... Well, lets start out like this. Hello, my name is Chuck Goolsby. I'm also a person who loves to tinker with about anything that keeps my hands and mind busy. Even if it appears that I'm sitting still (which is rare), you can bet the mental gears are modding something :-).

This part of the website is here to explain how my love for cars, my Jeep and this site came together as one. What do I mean as one? I mean, taking what I have a real passion for and turning it into a legit .. tangible .. money in the bank income. No .. I'm not BS'ing you ... lol.

This is my story of the Jeep Wrangler.

My Gear Head Addiction

My biggest passion is cars, trucks & motorcycles. I've been through many cars throughout my early teenage years all the way into my 40's.

I've had Camaros, Mustangs, Buicks, different trucks and even a 440 Dodge Charger. I basically loved anything fast enough to do something stupid. In which I did many times .. lol.

I remember back in my childhood days out with my dad, me sitting on the fender while he was working on a car or truck. My dad instilled in me the thought process of systematically figuring things out. It doesn't matter if you have never changed an alternator, or never built an engine. He would say "pay attention to how it comes apart so you know how it goes back together". Or, "don't be afraid to figure something out on your own. If you mess it up .. oh well .. figure out how to fix it. Often times its the mistakes that you learn from the most". Trust me .. I made many!! At that early age, its those life lessons that are taught to you that become priceless. In more ways than just being able to crank some wrenches.

Even at that young age I always had to be tinkering with something. I have built many model cars in my young years. Looking back now at how I built those models, it became evident that the "modifying everything I touch" bug had always been there. I'd mix parts between different models to create what I envisioned at that moment.

There is one mod in my head that sticks out the most. Bear in mind that I was probably about 12 years old at this time. Anyways, I was building a 4x4 Step Side Chevy truck model. Yes .. It had the plastic springs that came with it. But .. that darn little voice in my head kept saying .. nope not good enough. So I ripped apart some of those clicky ball point ink pens that has the little coil springs in them (sorry mom ;-). Well .. my model truck had real springs before I was done. :-)

My Jeep Wrangler Addiction

My favorite toy is a 1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ and let me inform you of something ... it's got a home!

My dad bought 2 Wranglers at the same time for a unheard of great deal. The YJ was in very bad shape .. I didn't care .. I wanted it so bad I was loosing sleep over it!! I knew for what he paid for both of them, he could sell the YJ and get most if not all his money back. I finally broke and asked. He sold it to me for what he had in it.

I have been bitten by the Jeep bug and bitten hard. I understand the addiction that the little Wranglers have on people. They are sooo easy to work on and parts aren't crazy expensive. Well, stock parts aren't anyway .. lol.

Most of all ... top down cruising or wheeling on the trails = pure freedom!! Priceless!!

The YJ is a perfect platform to get as creative as a person wants and have tons of fun driving/building it. So I started creating YouTube videos of the mods and repairs that I was doing to the little YJ. I noticed that my subscribers and comments were greatly appreciative of my "how to" videos.

FixJeeps.com is born

Sure, the YouTube videos were doing great. I do not stop at "good enough". So, I decided to take it one step farther and expand the Jeep fixin' projects into its own website.

Well now that you know my gettin' greasy .. knuckle busting .. gear head life history. And, how all that tied into becoming an awesome online business for me. I'l leave you with one thing.

Thanks for dropping by!! Y'all have a great day now!! Ya hear !!


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