Fluid Pump

Fluid pump made from some vinyl tubing and an empty peanut butter jar. Do the air nozzle trick and this thing will pull a power steering pump dry in less than a minute. Pump the fluids from the Jeep differentials, there are many uses I'm sure y'all can dream up for it! Let your imagination get creative.

Homemade Fluid Pump

Making the pump is actually pretty easy.

You need an old peanut butter jar (or anything like that).

Some 1/4" vinyl tubing.

Possibly some RTV sealant, silicone or some hot melt glue.

Drill a couple of holes in the top of the lid. The holes should permit the vinyl tubing to squeeze through the holes very tightly. You may need to use the hot melt glue, silicone or RTV to ensure no vacuum leaks around the holes where tubing passes through.

Cut the tubing on the outside long enough to make sure you have enough to reach the fluid you need to extract. The other tube to reach the vacuum source.

Tubing inside the jar should only be about an 1-1/2" past the bottom of the jar lid.