Jeep Wrangler storage

Jeep Wrangler storage - Finding options

Jeep Wrangler storage is slim pickin' people! Secure storage is even harder for those of us that have soft top Jeeps. If you own an older Jeep like I do and do your own wrenching, there are tools stashed somewhere in your Jeep. Place to hide the tunes and the CB if you have one. Custom consoles can assist with hiding the electronics. In all honesty, it's real sad that anyone has to even worry about securing items in their Jeep or any other ride ... house or whatever.

DIY Under hood secure storage

This little creating is an adaptation of something I found one night surfing the web. It worked real well to give secure storage that is tucked neatly under the hood of my Jeep YJ.

What you need:

Section of 4" PVC pipe. You can use sewer drain pipe like I used. If you buy the pipe new for this purpose, the sewer pipe is less expensive. Keep in mind that PVC pipe that is pressure rated and cheaper sewer pipe take different size caps.

4" "Clean out" adapter and the fitting screw in cap. Again, be sure you get the correct one depending on whether you are using pressure rated PVC or sewer PVC.

4" PVC end cap.

PVC glue/solvent.

Cut the PVC pipe to the desired length depending on where in your Jeep it will be place. When measuring the length, take in account the added length of the "clean out" adapter and cap. It would be frustrating to get it all glued together to find that the cap and adapter wasn't accounted for and it be too long.

Once you have the desired length of the PVC pipe cut. Glue the cap on by taking the little swab and making circles just inside the caps lip to about 1" to the inside. Making sure to spread the glue evenly around the inside. You don't need a lot so don't get carried away.

Glue the "clean out" adapter to the other end using the same method as the cap. Be careful not to get glue on the threads where the screw in cap goes.

Give the glue enough time to bond everything together. Odds are you can see a bit of the glue the squeezed out where the "clean out" adapter was bonded to the pipe. If that little bit that squeezed out has hardened you can go ahead and put the DIY storage tube to use if you want. Or, scuff it up with a scotch-brite pad and paint it with whatever finish you want. If you are using spray paint, I suggest using that "Fusion paint" made by Krylon. It's formulated for plastics.

You may find little areas like behind where the rollbar meets the tub, under seats or like mine under the hood that you can make one for each one of those spaces.

Enjoy your Jeep Wrangler storage!