Jeep LED headlight

Jeep LED Headlight upgrades are becoming more and more popular. Why you ask? Simple ... LEDs rock!! When comparing halogen bulbs to LEDs, assuming both emitting the same amount of light, the LEDs will be using a fraction of the electrical current. If you have an old Jeep like mine, the electrical system will thank you! For newer Jeeps, it will also put much less strain on the switches and wires.

Another great advantage to LEDs is that the color of the light emitted. Take HID headlights for example. I'm sure you have noticed the bright blue or almost purple color that spews from the cars lens. That color has a number called "kelvin temperature". Those "blue/purple" headlights are in the area of about 8,000 to 10,000 kelvin. Now ... back to common sense headlights. You have seen the true "white" color, that is about 6,000 kelvin, which is the the proper color for performance lighting.

LED headlights are in the 6k range and pull so very little power, they are the perfect win-win for a headlight upgrade. Whereas halogen and HID can hit that same color, they do it at a MUCH higher electrical current draw on the electrical system.

Jeep LED headlight - Time to upgrade the YJ Wrangler

I had a company by the name of Auxbeam contact me to try out their latest LED headlight kit. Well, I love new toys, so .. why not.

Not sure what I was expecting when I pulled them out of the box. But, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the build. You can see from the picture above the anodized billet aluminum body. They are actually much heavier than I expected. Couldn't wait till I could install them. Buuuut .. it was 10pm at night when I opened the box .. so wait till the next day I must.

Now there really isnt a need to go into detail on the site for the install when the video below does a great job with that. But I will give my over all opinion of the LED headlight kit.


  • For my Jeep with the Hella H4 conversion lens kit, they were an easy install. Straight plug and play.
  • Construction? As I mentioned above. They feel solid!
  • Overall performance? Love 'em! I'll probably buy a set for my Mustang when it is back on the road.
  • Great low beam and high beam performance .. brightness and distance.
  • Love the 6000k color. Nice natural white!


  • Noisy little cooling fan. Its really a nick pick issue because I can't hear it in the Jeep with the engine idling.
  • The light emitting to the road has subtle dark areas. Nothing to really stress over, but I'm just being honest.

Below is a recommended parts list for most Jeeps:

Jeep LED Headlight install and review video