22 inch Auxbeam V Series LED bar

22 inch Auxbeam V Series LED Light bar - I like new toys as anyone would. So, when Auxbeam asked if I would like to try out some of their products, I was happy to jump on the opportunity.

Wanna know what the cool feature of this light bar is? It has business and party mode all in one LED bar!


  • 22" Auxbeam V series LED bar.
  • Plastic lens to create flood pattern.
  • 2 different mounting options.
  • Bolts for the different mounting options
  • Hex keys that fits the hardware.
  • Wiring harness that has relays and switches built in.


  • As with most aftermarket LED bars it has the extruded aluminum frame.
  • Cast aluminum end caps
  • The mounting option is a set of black "pedestals" with rubber vibration insulation pads. 
  • Hardware and supplied tools appeared to be all stainless steel.
  • Wiring harness worked as needed. Built into the harness is the LED driver control box, relay and all needed switches. The harness separates in key places to allow for easy installation. The outside plugs have O-rings for waterproof connections.

Quick summary:

  • The light its self felt like a solid piece.
  • I got it quickly with no defects.
  • I liked the cast aluminum pedestals, they felt strong and would allow 360 degree rotation of the LED bar.
  • Harness worked great. Had no issues with it at all. Straight forward simple installation.
  • Include all needed conectors.
  • I really liked the finished look of the lens. It had the spherical lens shape like the Auxbeam 5D Series LED bars.

Overall I like the kit. I feel like you are getting a quality product at a fraction of the cost of some much more expensive brands.

Communication with Auxbeam has been fast and consistent.