22 inch Auxbeam LED bar - Install and Review

22 inch Auxbeam LED bar - I like new toys as anyone would. So, when Auxbeam asked if I would like to try out some of their products, I was happy to jump on the opportunity.


  • 22" Auxbeam Cross series LED bar.
  • Plastic lens to create flood pattern.
  • 2 different mounting options.
  • Bolts for the different mounting options
  • Hex keys that fits the hardware.
  • Wiring harness that has relays and switches built in.


  • As with most aftermarket LED bars it has the extruded aluminum frame.
  • Cast aluminum end caps
  • About "14 inches of wire with bare wire ends. No terminals were installed or included.
  • It came with two different mounting options. One was a set of black "pedestals" with rubber vibration insulation pads. The other option was chrome flat metal brackets. The flat chrome brackets allowed very little adjustment.
  • Hardware and supplied tools appeared to be all stainless steel.
  • Wiring harness worked as needed. The switch felt a bit on the cheap side with its rattly buttons although it worked just fine.

Quick summary:

  • The light its self felt like a solid piece.
  • I got it quickly with no defects.
  • The flat brackets weren't something I would use. For one, they allowed very limited adjust-ability. Did not feel as sturdy as the cast aluminum pedestals. I liked the cast aluminum pedestals, they felt strong and would allow 360 degree rotation of the LED bar.
  • Harness worked fine, just felt kinda cheap. Had no issues with it at all. Straight forward simple installation.
  • Did not include any type of wire terminals that would connect the LED bar to the wiring harness.
  • I really liked the finished look of the face of the LED surface. It had little lens to cover the actual LED's. The little lens gave it a clear finish instead of the yellow look.

Overall I like the whole kit. I feel like you are getting a quality product at a fraction of the cost of some much more expensive brands.

Communication with Auxbeam has been fast and consistent.