Jeep Wrangler Backup Camera Kit

Jeep Wrangler backup camera kit to be installed in my rig! Sometime back I did a video of installing a backup camera in a Chevy Impala. I had a viewer on the channel comment stating that they thought I was doing the install on a Jeep.

Welp, here ya go. I installed this backup camera kit on my Jeep Wrangler YJ. It is a great kit and an easy install.

Recommended Backup Camers Kits

The backup camera kit that I installed in the video had been discontinued at the time of recording. So, I jumped on Amazon to look up comparable kits that should server you well.

Click this link for a 1080p Cameras

As I mentioned above the model that I demonstrated in the video is no longer offered. After going through the many different cameras that Amazon had to offer I feel this would be the one I would choose.