Jeep Mirror Light ideas

Jeep mirrors are one thing that can really be an issue when removing the doors. Any Wrangler owner that truly loves what the Jeep has to offer will eventually remove the doors for some open air cruising. Mine stay off a lot during the summer. 

When rolling with the doors off, typically the mirrors are gone also. With the mirrors removed maneuvering highway traffic can be an issue. Traffic is only one of your worries, some places it's actually illegal to not have the side mounted rear view mirrors.

So what is a true Wrangler enthusiasts to do? We love rolling top down and doorless! But dont love the tickets for the po po! Or, running people off the highway because you cant properly see behind you due to lack of the mirrors.

Well .. simple. Either buy some mounts to move the mirrors to the windshield. Or, make some like I did. It was probably a lot less trouble to buy some. I tend to do things the hard way because I just like making stuff.

Jeep mirror light relocation - My current set up

So, my first set are Jeep mirror light mounts. They combine the idea of mirrors being windshield mounts and having lights on the hood.