Jeep YJ LED Running Lights

Jeep YJ LED Running Lights - Lets just face it, the new cars have a great idea. Most all of them have Daytime Running Lights or also known as DRLs. They create bright spots on the front of the vehicle to be better seen by other motorist. In my opinion they work pretty well also!

Jeep YJ LED Running Lights

So .. with DRLs working so well, I had to have some on my Jeep Wrangler YJ.

Now admittedly, these lights I have installed are a bit brighter (OK .. a lot brighter) than plain LED running lights. They also double really well as driving lights at night.

They are strong enough to assist my H4 headlight conversion. But not so bright they are blinding oncoming traffic. Not to mention with the black aluminum casing and mounting flange .. they pretty darn good matching my grill!

Jeep YJ LED Running Lights - Install video