Jeep Switches

Jeep Switches - Sometimes they are replaced out of necessity. Sometimes they are upgrades for existing. Or, better yet, they are added for controlling off road lighting, interior lights or even starting your engine.

The cool thing is there are so many different choices to choose from. There are Rocker, toggle, push button switches. You can also buy pre-made panels or modular kits to build your system. Basically you can find about any configuration you would like for your project.

Jeep Switches - Push button starter upgrade

First thing on the list is upgrading the toggle switch starter I had installed before. It worked great but I wanted something much more aesthetically pleasing. Something much more techy, rugged .. something that makes my Jeep cool!

Enter switches from STVMotorsports. Loved the products that I have purchased from them so far! Lots of different choices and great quality. Best of all .. no where as expensive as bigger name brands. Another cool thing I discovered that their switches will fit in a factory location in my Jeep Wrangler YJ .. it looks factory!

Now before anyone gets on the "This is an advertisement" kick. I'm just showing you what I used and in the video you will see why they work so well for this application. You are free to purchase "Daystar" or other brand switches. I'm sure they work great as well. Another cool feature of the STVMotorsports switches is their back lighting is very unique. Actual symbols of what your accessory is. Symbols such as LED light bars, fog lights, wench, horn and even rock lights. Can't for get the Biohazard Zombies and Sasquatch switches!

In this video I used 3 different switches as you see below. The 12volt "lightning" switch is used to arm (or pass power to them) the other 2 switches. The "Air Compressor" switch will be triggering the relay that gets power to the on board air. Then the "Push to Start" button activates the starter relay in which then supplies power to the starter solenoid in which spins the starter to start the Jeep.

Below are the parts used for this project/video:

Need a good wiring schematic for the 5 pin switch? Click here

Want the schematics for the starter switch cluster I installed? Click here