Jeep Soft Top

How I lowered my Bestop Jeep Soft Top

Jeep soft top - My Wrangler once had a Bestop Supertop. According to the directions that come with the top, you must remove the cloth from the frame when you want to run the Jeep topless. I call BS on that!!

Jeep soft top - removal on a Wrangler YJ

Well, you don't have to unsnap the cloth top from frame. Here is all you have to do.

  1. Remove the doors or the soft uppers depending on what style you have.
  2. Roll up the back window. Secure the back window with the straps.
  3. Release the tension on the top by unhooking the latches located beside the rear seat.
  4. Unzip the side panels and remove them.
  5. Pull the velcro from around the vertical and horizontal frame sections around the doors.
  6. Push in and bunch the section of the top between the rear window and side curtains.
  7. Pull the plastic strip from the windshield channel. Then slowly allow the top to lower down.
  8. Fold the soft top in half by taking the windshield strip and bringing it back to the rear.
  9. Then fold that section in half. Then do it again making sure that it fold evenly.
  10. Twist the locks up by the windshield to unlock the frame.
  11. Lower the top frame and lock the supports into the designated clips.
  12. Use some form of straps or long velcro to wrap around the top to prevent it from flapping in the wind.

Now go out and enjoy the freedom of riding with that top down. If you happens to start raining, you still have your top with you.