Jeep Interior Lights

Jeep interior lights - Of all the YJs and XJs I've seen, they are seriously lacking in sufficient lighting inside and outside. For this page we are addressing the interior illumination deficiency. With todays technology of LEDs, getting great lighting is fairly easy and inexpensive. You can get different color LEDs to change out the standard filament style bulbs behind the gauges. With different colors available you can customize your dash to you liking. As for overhead or under dash lighting there are larger LED bulbs and LED bars.

I purchased these little LED bars from a department store near where I work. They were on clearance for $7 each from their regular price of $14 each. There was only three left so I got them all. I knew I would eventually use them for something.

Once you get through performing this mod. Try out the LED upgrade for your YJ dash / gauge cluster. Click here for more ...

Jeep interior lights - Dome light for the YJ

Here was an cheap easy solution for an interior light. It was kinda hacked in but it worked much better than what I had... which was nothing. I used one of the little LED bars that I mentioned above.

I used the batteries that the display packaging had inside. Removed the push button switch and installed a rocker switch. Tucked the wires inside the roll bar padding and ended the switch right where the angled tube of the roll bar meets the main hoop. This is temporary until I get my over head console built.

Jeep Wranger Interior light video