Jeep Hood Mounted Light Bar

Jeep hood mounted light bar is a great addition to any wrangler wheeling off road. Since doing my H4 headlight conversion, I have really enjoyed the added distance and visibility while driving on the highway. Head lights are much more focused to whats directly in front of you, which is as it should be. The downside is when you go wheeling, not only do you want to see whats in front of you. You need to see whats around you also.

This is where LED light bars come into the scene. Not only do they project in front of you, they have flood patterns built into them as well. So, you really get to see what's around you.

Jeep Hood Mounted Light Bar for the YJ

I had really been wanting to add some of the LED light bars to my Jeep YJ. My original thought was to do the windshield mount first. One day I was driving around and inspiration hit me. It started when I heard my scissor jack sliding across the tub floor, I thought "I really need to find a place for that thing". Then I noticed a TJ with the hood mounted jack. Then it hit me .. I have one of those farm jacks at home. I have scrap metal from past projects. I haven't done a welding project in a while.

But .. instead of just hood mounting the jack. I'll incorporate an LED bar in the build. Well, at that point, I had to do it. I ordered the 21" LED bar and waited. When I got it, I was like a kid at Christmas. I hooked it up to a battery and loved the bright awesomeness!! That following weekend, the sparks started flying from the grinder and the welder.

Below is a link to the LED light bar I used. It had great reviews and without a doubt the price was right. The tools aren't the exact ones I have but similar. My welder is an old discontinued Hobart Handler 140. It is an awesome welder, I've had it for over 12 years and put miles of wire through it. Never any trouble out of it!! Love the welder!

The Hi-Lift Jack link similar to the one I installed on my hood. Mine I think is an old harbor freight cheapie that I've had for many year. Honestly there really isn't too big of a difference in price. I'd rather have the legit Hi-Lift brand. But, I use what I got.