Jeep YJ Battery Cable

Jeep YJ battery cable are really not that much different than any other battery cables. Its all in how they bolt in and how they are run is the catch. Well, for some cars, the battery ends can be different depending on whether they are side or top post.

Jeep YJ Battery Cable

Best thing about owning an old YJ is that you can make it like you want it. Meaning, installing longer battery cables to tidy up wiring. If your battery will accept side post cables, install side post style battery cables.

Please take note. Even though I ran those cheap battery cable ends on my Jeep for a long time. I'm not a fan of them and for just reason. They are good for when you are in a pinch for parts or money is really tight. Try to always replace with a full length battery cable instead of just doing a hack job installing the "repair battery ends".

To swap out the cables:

1. Always first ... Remove the battery cable from the negative side of the battery. By removing the negative side first you prevent any electrical spark when you work with the positive cable at the battery and/or starter.

2. Remove battery cable from the positive side of the battery.

3. Crawl under the Jeep and remove the positive cable from the starter. Do yourself a favor, have the new cable dropped down from the top so you can install it while you are under there.

4. Bolt on the new positive cable. Don't tighten the nut too hard as it may strip or break the solinoid post.

5. Run you hand along the negative cable to see where it bolts to the block. Remove the old cable and install the new.

6. Run your new cables where they are out of the way of sharp edges and/or moving parts.

7. Install the positive battery cable to the positive battery post. You may need a soft faced hammer or piece of wood to gently drive the clamp down on the battery post. Once the cable end is flush with the top of the battery post tighten the bolt snug .. not tight.

8. Install the negative battery cable in on the negative side of the battery. Tighten bolt snug .. not tight.

Battery cables both new and old should be color coded. Red for the Positive side of the battery. Black for the Negative side of the battery. If by chance you got two cables the same color. Use electrical tape to color code one of the cables to know which is which. It DOES matter which cable goes to what battery post.

Jeep YJ Battery Cable - Install video