Jeep YJ Heat Deflectors

Jeep YJ Heat Defectors are an easy DIY mod that redirects the heat from the dash vents toward the occupants up front.

Wrangler YJs do a great job defrosting the windshield. But once that task is over, the driver and passenger would like some of that warm air. YJs don't have dash mounted vents like TJs. So, we gotta go old school and come up with an idea to make us comfy on those chilly winter days.

Jeep YJ Heat Defectors - Easy DIY mod for some warm air


  • 12" - 2" diameter Schedule 40 PVCpipe
  • 2 - 2" Schedule 40 PVC caps
  • PVC glue
  • "Command" brand 2 - sided tape
  • 4 - ~ .25" diameter Rare Earth Magnets (part # 67488 at Harbor Freight)
  • Small washers