1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ - Beth

Owner info of the Jeep

Chuck from Tennessee - Owner and creater of www.FixJeeps.com and Power Addicts YouTube Channel

About the Jeep

She running a stock 4.0 Ax-15 5-speed. Got about 2.5" of suspension lift using GMC Sonoma rear leaf packs. There is the 3" body lift the the previous owner installed for a total of about 5.5" of lift. Current wheel tire combo is Maxxis Bighorn 33x12.5x15 wrapped around Ultra 5 holes. Bestop Supertop with full soft doors. Bedliner blacked out grill cover. Up coming mods is a 12,000 pound winch mounted to a custom welded front bumper. Onboard air, rebuilt stock engine then a little later on a 4.6 stroker.

Why is the Jeeps name Beth? Remember the original Frankenstein movie? A little later the movie "Bride of Frankenstein"? Well both characters were piece parted together to create the final "monsters" shown in the movies. The characters name in Bride of Frankenstein was Elizabeth. I simply shortened it to Beth. Well, that much like my Jeep, it's been piece parted together from the original un-driveable mess that I first got it.