Jeep Products

Jeep products page is where I will place links or vendor information to the many different mods and fixes shown here on the site or my YouTube Channel. I provide this page as a way to make life easier in finding the parts you may need.

Most of my products used will come from Amazon because I like the fast shipping and great prices they typically have. Often times you may find free shipping from some vendors.

Jeep Products - Parts and Tools used

In the Jeep products, here is how I give you links. First I add the needed product link so you are able to order the product. Under the product picture I add a text link to the page that this part was used. So, see a product you like ... click the link below the product picture to see it in action.

There may be a tool or product promoted that isn't being shown on the site or YouTube. This is because I may have it in my shop and it hasn't been shown in action here. But, rest assured it's a good product or I will not promote it. Above all else ... I WILL NOT BS you. :-)


Electrical testing

Where used:

Push Button Start

Electrical Switching

Where used:

Ignition Start


Where used:

Hood LED

Metal work

Where used:

Mirror Mounts

Advertising Disclaimer

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I often promote products I use in my videos here on this site. Does it earn me an income? Sure it does. Mostly it provides you as the visitor of the site a way to have access what I present in my YouTube videos.

The good thing about this is that it costs you not a cent more buying through my links. It cost the same whether you go straight into Amazon or through my site.

I provide the links to my tried and tested products of my videos, you purchase the product already having an idea of what the product is and what it can do, Amazon provides the product. You get a great product, I get a little commision, Amazon gets a sale. It is a win-win-win situation for us all. :-)